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"Simplifying Construction For All"

We teach beginners how to renovate like the professionals, on time and under budget.

Save thousands on your next renovation with this 2 hour no nonsense read. You'll learn how to make the most out of meetings with contractors, negotiations, construction processes, how to get discounts on materials and most importantly how to prevent costly mistakes and delays. 

Our guide and consulting services are for 2 types of people:

I'm a homeowner who is
new to construtcion:

Our guide will provide you with an estimate of the costs involved, guidelines for screening contractors, and an overview of the fundamental construction procedures - essentially, it will equip you with the essential knowledge to collaborate with a contractor, generate leads, finalize sales for their teams, assist in project management, select materials, and schedule deliveries.

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I'm someone who wants to build a career in remodeling:

As project managers, we can instill confidence and assurance by imparting the knowledge of our contracting system and the scripts we use for hiring, pricing negotiations, schedule establishment, and inspiring optimal performance from every team member.

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Are you interested in transforming this into a business or a paid hobby?

Schedule a coaching conversation with Eva to determine if this program is suitable for you. During the first call, Eva will devise a personalized action plan for you. If you wish to pursue weekly coaching as you commence your business, the fee is $150 per hour.



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Our Testimonials 

Business People in Meeting

Dan, Mechanical Engineer

"I found the "Hiring contractors + Contracts" portion extremely helpful. I'm very happy with the contractor we found + Goto Renovation even answered some follow up questions we had when we emailed them. Highly Recommend!"

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Stacy, Technical Copy Writer

"I grabbed a copy a few months back and I recently started doing some work around my house. I hired a few contractors, one for concrete work in the back, plumbing a new sink, drywall and flooring. I got discounts from 2 of them and the others were so pleased by my professionalism that they did some extra work around the house for free!"

Happy woman

Tina, School District Program Director

"My contractor is always surprised to see how much I know, he even commented that the job moves faster than usual."


Business Development Course

Discover the path to launch a Construction Management Business that generates a six-figure income, even if you lack prior industry experience and need to work around an existing schedule.

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