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"We teach Homeowners how to renovate like the professionals."

This guide was designed for the homeowner who wants to stretch their dollar without stretching their patience.

We created this guide to empower homeowners to manage their construction projects with the same confidence and certainty as PM's, by teaching you the system and scripts we use to hire contractors, negotiate pricing, solidify schedules and inspire the best work out everyone on the team.
After reviewing this guide you will be able to get the most out of every meeting, reduce the amount of time you're spending, and make an educated decision on which contractor(s) are right for you and your project. 
We walk you through the entire construction process, starting with basic construction knowledge so you feel confident speaking and asking questions in every scenario. Then we move on to design basics, material orders and beginner software we use to visually see the plan come together. You'll then learn how Project Managers vet their contractors before hiring, how to prevent change orders, protect yourself with contracts, warranties, and what to do if things go wrong. 

Managing your home improvement projects doesn't have to be stressful or difficult.

If you've been putting off work around your home because you don't know where

to start, you're intimidated by the process or worried about becoming the next

"Construction Nightmare" on the block, then this guide is for you. 

If you've been left asking questions like:

  • How do I really know what I'm paying for and if I'm getting the right value?

  • How do I know if the contractor is a right fit for the job + for our family?

  • How do I know if the contractor is professional, knowledgable + financially stable?

  • Are the right materials and techniques are being used?

  • Am I being taken advantage of?

  • Is this price going to change later?

  • How do I make an educated decision? Based on what knowledge?

This guide will eliminate confusion around, pricing, timeline, delays, construction processes, unpredicted costs, unmanaged expectations, industry standards and etiquette. We quickly cover each area that a homeowner needs know to assure they're hiring the right person for the job, getting a good price, and signing a contract that protects them if things go wrong.



                                6 modules 

                         Basic Building Knowledge 

                           DIY Design + designers

                  Planning + Preventing Change Orders

                                 Hiring a Contractor 

                             Contracts + Warranties                               

                                 Managing the Job 

Our mission is to remove the headaches from the construction process. We aim to provide value and after you read the guide if there is something you wish to know more about please send us an email and we will respond with the answer and update the guide for you + future customers. 

*BONUS* Buy today and you can email us with the work you're looking to do and we'll refer you contractors that work in your area.



Stacy, Technical Copy Writer

"I grabbed a copy a few months back and I recently started doing some work around my house. I hired a few contractors, one for concrete work in the back, plumbing a new sink, drywall and flooring. I got discounts from 2 of them and the others were so pleased by my professionalism that they did some extra work around the house for free!"

Lini, School District Program Director

"My contractor is always surprised to see how much I know, he even commented that the job moves faster than usual."

Dan, Mechanical Engineer

"I found the "Hiring contractors + Contracts" portion extremely helpful. I'm very happy with the contractor we found + Goto Renovation even answered some follow up questions we had when we emailed them. Highly Recommend!"


Consulting is one of the sure ways to assure your project goes smoothly, which is why we offer a Zoom video call session with one of our founders. 

During this session we will review the goals you have for your home, what materials would be best used for your situation and environment, what problems you may encounter and how to overcome them. 

Most importantly we will put together a plan of execution, budget and advise on the next steps.

Contractor Project Manager


Construction is the most expensive investment people will make outside of buying their home.

The contract serves as the guidelines for the project but also is a form of protection for both the contractor + home owner. 

The scope of work and payment plan have to be spot on to prevent change orders or overpaying for work that hasn't been done yet.

We offer a second set of eyes with our contract review service.



Learn how to start your own
6 figure Construction Management Business without any experience in the industry and around your schedule.

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