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How it Began

My name is Eva Brown, and for the past 6 years I have been managing construction projects in sunny California.

The role of a Project Manager is to streamline the construction process for both the contractor + homeowner, aiming to keep the project within budget and on schedule. This  allows the contractor to focus on providing high quality craftsmanship and gives the client a sense of direction and security.

People hire Project Managers or General Contractors because they want someone else moving the ball down the field and protecting the scope of work. But honestly, only a small few can do that, most people need to make every dollar count and are willing to put in some elbow grease to do that. And so, Goto Renovation was born. A company to support homeowners with their projects by teaching them the basics or briefly consulting when they need professional advice. 

Over the years I saw a huge disconnect between contractors and homeowners. The lack of industry standards and processes caused confusion and mistrust. Clients had no idea what they were paying for or what they should expect during work or after, they literally could just put their hands together and pray for the best. 


Every homeowner I met had some sort of "construction nightmare" that made them hesitant on starting another project. AS much as it was the contractors fault for not handling all parts of their business appropriately (The time schedule, budget, forecasting, communication and hedging of problems), it is also the clients mistake of making uniformed decisions and hiring a company that didn't have all their ducks in a row. 


Too often do contractors underbid themselves with money and time, they overpromise and under deliver. Then clients are left to pick up the pieces or try to salvage what's left. 

This is when I realized, if clients were informed and managed their project the way Project Managers do, the contractors would be thankful and the clients wouldn't run into the same issues.

With everyone being on the same page, I know every construction job can save thousands of dollars and hours, we can prevent unnecessary construction waste from going to landfills, and probably save a few marriages too (haha). 

We're happy to serve you in this way, and we're excited to give construction a new name. 

“Confidence is key, and knowledge is the lock”


The Mission

To empower every homeowner with the confidence to hire + manage their project like a professional. Professionals know how to plan + prepare their projects to run smoothly with slim chances of unforeseen issues or costs arising. By equipping homeowners with the same skills, knowledge and communication methods, we are able to help them run any construction project without hiccups and for the price they expected to pay.

Creative Process

We (contractors and myself) talk A LOT about the holes and inefficiencies within the construction industry and we begin to find solutions to those complaints. The first step is education, educating the contractors on system's that make their business run smoothly and educating the homeowners on an industry that they're going to be involved with for their entire life as a homeowner. 

The next issue we're working to solve is the need for management in the construction field. Contractors got licensed in the art and safety of building, and they spend all of their time on perfecting their technique and keeping up with the latest building materials. They need someone to manage communication with the clients, material orders and the business of what they do- which is where Project Managers come in. 

If this seems like something you would be interested in doing, sign up on our waitlist to get more information about this course and the first to be notified when it launches. 

Office Meeting

Learn how to start your own
6 figure Construction Management Business without any experience in the industry and around your schedule.

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